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How do you create a life you love?
With a little help and a lot of persistence.


More often than not it isn’t major crisis or grand gestures that shift our lives and relationships… it’s the small, everyday details that determine what happens next.



That’s the foundation of my free 14-Day Love Challenge and all of the psychotherapy, coaching, and events that I do.  I’m a firm believer that the best way to create the relationships, and life, you want is by focusing on you first.  So my work and my newsletters are all designed to meet you wherever you are and help you get closer to what you really want.


My work goes far beyond romance & relationships – it’s about having a life that you love and the support you need to be your full, authentic self. 


The thing I enjoy most about my work is the conversations I get to have with lovely people like you.  When I get emails or comments on the blog, or host an event, or lead a workshop, or sit down for a session with a client,  it’s the best part of what I do.  There’s no pretense, no fancy  lingo- just the kind of personal, compassionate conversation that most of us need more of.

I realize not everyone can work with me one-on-one or attend one of my events, but we can connect online and share some of those same experiences.


so let’s do it- let’s become modern day pen-pals


Join my email list and let’s get to know each other.   By subscribing to my list you can expect to get occasional blog posts, interviews, podcast episodes, and event invitations.  You’ll also get access to special subscriber only resources, gifts, programs, and more!

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But to make our conversation matter, I need to hear from you too.   I want to hear what you think about and worry about and laugh about.  Don’t forget to send me your emails and find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Oh yeah… and  you’ll get 2 weeks of some of my best relationship advice.  All for free, in easy daily email challenges that will make your love life even better than you imagined.



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