Spring Awakening – 5 Week Coaching Program

Spring Awakening Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs and Professionals with Esther Boykin, LMFT - Rediscover balance with you work, life, and love

Hey there, Lovely.


Do you feel stuck or frustrated with your work / life / love balance? Are you dreaming of more purpose, passion, and pleasure in your life but not clear on how to create it?


I understand your struggle.   I have lived it. 


And most importantly I know how to deal with it so you can have all that you desire and deserve in life.


Spring Awakening Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs and Professionals with Esther BoykinSpring Awakening Coaching Program- Reclaim Work Life and Love Balance

As a passionate professional it can be so hard to figure out how to keep all the balls in the air and your feet on the ground.


You want to give our all to the professional, creative, and philanthropic opportunities in our life… but you also want {and deserve} to have deep and emotionally fulfilling relationships. All of these things fill you up- but when they are out of balance you feel depleted, distracted, and overwhelmed.


The good news is that there is a way to keep everything in sync so that you can enjoy every area of your life with more energy, joy, and connection.


That’s what I’m going to share with you during my 5-week Spring Awakening Coaching Program.


Over the course of 35 days we will connect together through weekly exercises, daily self-care reminders, weekly live ‘office hours’ where you can ask me anything you want live video and we’ll work through the stuck spots together.  Through individual work and the support of an empathetic community of like-minded people, you will find the “perfect” balance you’ve been seeking.


This will be a small, closed, private group that meets via Facebook and includes the opportunity for private one-on-one sessions with me as well.


Next Group Starts May 1


Who should sign up:

  • Busy entrepreneurs and professionals who are sick of feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and pulled in too many directions

  • Anyone who is looking for deeper connections and authentic intimacy in their personal relationships

  • People who are tired of hearing from family and friends that they are “too busy”, “work too hard”, or “are never available”

  • Anyone who is ready to embrace a fresh start and a renewed energy for life, love, and their work this spring

  • You… if you are reading this page, you should sign up.  I don’t know your special reason but something in you already knows why you need be part of Spring Awakening and I can’t wait for us to discover why.


Here’s what’s included:

  • Access to a private Facebook group with your fellow Spring Awakening participants

  • Daily self-care posts and a printable poster for you hang in  your office, home, or bedroom

  • Weekly self-reflection exercises to help you shift your perspective and approach to work, family, friends, and love

  • Support from the Spring Awakening community and ongoing encouragement and feedback from me

  • Weekly ‘Office Hours’ where I will answer your questions and coach you through challenges live via video. Recordings of each week’s Office Hours will be made available even after the program ends

  • Lists of suggested reading and resources

  • Optional private one-on-one Clarity Coaching session

  • 20% discount on all of my coaching services and events for the remainder of 2017. [psychotherapy and the fall Couples Retreat are excluded]


This is how much you’ll  invest:

  • $65 for the full Spring Awakening coaching package including weekly office hours, private Facebook group, and more

  • $140 for the full Spring Awakening package plus a 1 hour Clarity Coaching Session (a $175 value).  Your Clarity Coaching session must be scheduled with me prior to August 1, 2017.  Details will be sent to you privately after registering.

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