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As a therapist and relationship coach, there are few things I enjoy more than speaking with and engaging an audience.  My style is interactive and informative with a focus on making research and clinical wisdom accessible to the average person.

I speak on topics ranging from building happy and healthy relationships, to self-care and stress management, and how to create the life you really want.

I will gladly customize my presentation to meet your specific needs and provide content that fits with the event  you want to create.

You can count on my best effort to provide your audience with the kind of information that they can take home and use to change their mood, their relationships, and their lives.


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Speaking Topics

Below are the topics I most frequently present but I am open to discussing specific ideas related to relationships, personal growth, and mental health.  Each topic can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your event from a 45-60 minute talk to half- or full-day workshops.

I also work with select organizations to create weekend retreats and multi-part workshops.  Contact me for more details.

The Date Deck… ’cause every couple needs a date night

Focused on the premise that ‘working’ on your relationship doesn’t have to feel  like work, this presentation is geared toward couples who want to know how to maintain or get back the passion and intimacy.  I will discuss the research on why date night works and the simple keys to making sure your dates are helping to keep your relationship strong.  Because this builds on the concepts outlined in my book, The Date Deck, I encourage you to pick up a copy or contact me to request a review copy of the book.  Autographed books are available for purchase for your group as part of this or any other presentation.

3 Bad Relationship Habits & How to Break Them

This presentation is born out of one of my most popular articles to date.  We are all looking for simple solutions that we can actually implement and in this presentation I give them to you.  Perfect for couples of all stages of relationship, I will present 3 common ‘bad habits’, how they undermine relationships, and (most importantly) how to stop doing them and start building better relationship habits to keep love strong.

Living Boldly: Letting Go of What’s Safe in Search of Authentic Joy

In this highly interactive presentation, I discus how to take back their life from feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and frustration.  I focus on helping people learn to create the kind of relationship with themselves that will inspire others to love and respect them the way they deserve to be loved.  I do that by discussing:

  • How to clarify our true wants & needs
  • Embracing vulnerability as a source of strength
  • Creating confidence through ‘re-writing’ our personal narrative
  • Using self-care as a way to build confidence and attract the kinds of relationships we want in life.

Mindful Communication: Speaking with Love & Listening with Care

In this class we’ll talk about what mindfulness is and isn’t and you’ll learn how to use it to tune into the people around you so you can communicate more effectively.  Much more than a trendy buzzword, mindfulness techniques offer us practical skills that can reduce conflict, increase empathy, and improve our ability to communicate with love.

I offer this presentation with a few different special focuses.  In each one I will incorporate other key topics

With Focus on Couples:

  • How starting with yourself can help your partner communicate better
  • How to uncover your common roadblocks and create effective detours together
  • How intimacy, fun, and playfulness can make the ‘tough talks’ easier and more productive
  • The secret to really listening with love

With a Focus on General Communication

  • How you can influence anyone’s communication style
  • How to use a mindful approach to really hear people and reduce conflict
  • How small shifts in communication can create big changes in your professional and personal life

With a Focus on Parents & Family

  • How to use mindful awareness to increase empathy and compassion in your children
  • How to balance home and work life while staying emotionally connected
  • How to improve your family’s daily interactions with each other to have more fun

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