Engaged Couples Half-Day Retreat

Before I Do - workshop for engaged couples and couples considering marriage

Whether you’re still thinking about asking the question or one of you has already said yes

a little pre-marital advice is always a good idea!

Join us for a modern approach to premarital counseling and wedding planning. Fun, engaging, and insightful- our premarital couples retreat is designed for couples just like you.  Couples who want passionate, fulfilling marriages just as much as they want beautiful, well-organized weddings.

If you want your dream wedding, a great marriage, and the skills to do it all without constant bickering or major meltdowns;  then this is for you.

 Plan for more than a beautiful wedding, plan for an amazing marriage

a modern approach to premarital counseling

Before “I Do” is a half-day workshop for engaged couples and those considering marriage but not quite ready to pop the question.  The 4 hour workshop includes light lunch and post-workshop evening social with cocktails, snacks, and individual Q&A sessions with our relationship experts, including your host Esther Boykin, LMFT



don’t just plan a beautiful wedding. plan a beautiful life.

‘Before I Do’ is designed to make things easy and enjoyable for you.  Spend the afternoon with experts who are passionately committed to helping you plan for the next chapter of your life with fun, engaging, and insightful activities.


We don’t do forced scripts of so-called “better” communication skills or endless questionnaires and invasive questioning.  We believe that the only stamp of approval your marriage needs is yours.


Our marriage experts will help you learn to spot the common hurdles of married life and give you the tools to avoid them or work through them.  It’s your marriage, we’re just here to help you cultivate the skills you need to define your own happily ever after.


 Weekend Relationship Workshops for Brides and Grooms | Couples Weekend Retreat and Wedding Planning Workshop for Engaged Couples

meet the experts who are here to guide you


Esther Boykin, LMFT - psychotherapist, coach, author, relationship expertYou will meet several relationship experts during the retreat but Esther Boykin, LMFT will serve as your point person for all things married life.


A licensed marriage and family therapist with more than a decade of clinical experience, Esther believes that every couple deserves to have an amazing marriage for life.. and she’s here to help you build the skills to do just that.


Her simple yet effective tips and philosophies on marriage and self-care have been featured in BustleRealSimple, Brides, The Knot, I Do Podcast, and Refinery 29.  She’s been a guest on Good Morning Washington, Fox 5 DC News, I Do podcast, and a variety of other digital, print, and radio media outlets.


You can follow Esther on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @estherbmft.  You can also learn more about her private practice, Group Therapy Associates online

Esther will be joined by other  experienced and thoughtful couples therapists who belive the best time to work on a marraige is before it even starts.  Join them for honest conversations about key issues such as:

  • managing expecttions and demands from friends and family
  • how to communicate effectively, even when you’re frustrated
  • which issues you can compromise on and which ones call for a unified vision
  • kids, money, sex… the big 3 that every couple must address
  • and much more!


Testimonials about Couples Weekend Retreat and Wedding Planning Workshop for Engaged Couples

[Esther’s] vast knowledge and insights on the topics of healthy relationships and self-love are truly inspiring and enlightening, and we have been honored to work with her.” 
Esther engages you in a way that encourages you to grow, have fun, and learn how to have healthier relationships.  I’d highly recommend attending her events.



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FAQ for Brides and Grooms about Weekend Relationship Workshops for Brides and Grooms | Couples Weekend Retreat and Wedding Planning Workshop for Engaged Couples

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