Coaching for your life and relationship

Being a therapist and relationship coach is an incredibly rewarding job but there’s a secret bonus to doing this work that no one talks about- and it makes my life just a little easier every day.

What’s the secret?

Relationship experts have amazing, brilliant relationship experts for friends!

When our lives and relationships gets tough, we sit and chat over coffee and offer each other the best professional advice in the most comfortable and cozy setting.  I want to become that kind of ‘friend’ for you.  

I believe everyone deserves a relationship where they feel loved and cherished just for being exactly who they are.  But finding that love can be a challenge and it’s hard be optimistic when dating never seems to lead you to something meaningful or real.

And when you finally find that love and things start to get hard {because love always gets hard} it can be scary to hold on to each other and find a way to make it work.

But, I also know that even in these moments when you feel so far from the love you want there’s hope.

So I’m inviting you to share a cup of coffee with me and get some clarity.  Single Session Life Coaching with Esther B- Coffee And Clarity

Our time together will be a sort of “check-up” for your life. You’ll sort through the mental clutter with your new relationship expert-friend {me!}. We’ll get to the root of those feelings of disconnect and unhappiness and develop a plan to create the love that you deserve.

Click the button above and book your Coffee & Clarity session now and let’s get started.

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