The Date Deck

The Date DeckAs a couples therapist, I know first hand that a happy and healthy relationship requires work, But it doesn’t always have to be so hard.

It is often the small routine activities that differentiate the happy couples from the not-so happy.

That’s why I wrote The Date Deck.

Something as simple and easy to do as date night can have a powerful impact on couples.

When date night is done right it becomes a chance to ignite passion, restore communication, and deepen a couples’ commitment to each other.

Get a copy of The Date Deck and discover that dating doesn’t end with marriage or long-term commitment… it’s a simple and effective way to keep your love life hot and happy for a lifetime.

Do you really need a date night?  Absolutely!

But don’t take my word for it…


What readers are saying:



“Good book to get the juices flowing for a person that really does not think about date night. The book offers realistic opportunities for couples to enjoy each other and spark romance and togetherness in their relationship.” -Chris R.



“I would totally recommend anyone who asks themselves ‘how can I feel more in love with my partner’ to get this book. Simple and powerful!” –Michelle J.



“The author provides sound options, opinions, and expert advice for breaking complacent routines in favor for enriched experiences. I strongly recommend this book for couples starting over again, and for couples hoping to recover fun and romance back into their lives.” Mark C.




“After a long week at work, thinking of dinner ideas and keeping up with the kids, it’s great to have a resource available to help keep things fun in my marriage.” – Erin H.



What they’re saying in the press:

Mating Call by Dena Levitz ~ Northern Virginia Magazine, April 2014

Hitched Media Podcasts- ‘Episode 303- Esther Boykin Talks Date Night’ ~ May 2014

The Candid 7 with Author Esther Boykin ~, May 2014


These expertly designed dates are more than just fun… they’re relationship game-changers.


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